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Art Director

Gee is the owner of 6 salons at San Gabriel Valley and Pasadena. He is coached by Hollywood Stylist Yuko Koach and practiced hair design in Japan and Hollywood. He also performs star-grade services for celebrities. With 14 years of experience in the beauty industry, he ensures everyone walks out with satisfaction from Hair Club 20.

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Hair Doctor

Alexis has 5 years of experience in hair fashion. Her specializations are fashion coloring and hair treatment. She is a hairstylist from New York. With her expertise in coloring, Alexis helps customers build their dream styles while sustaining hair health with her professional techniques.

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Color Doctor

Chris has 7 years of experience in the hair industry. Learning his technique in China and practicing creative design in New York, Chris earns a beloved name, Hair God, from his customers. Dedicated to bring fascinating design to his customers, Chris is committed to helping all people find their beauty.

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Master Hair Stylist

Ziggy has 15 years of experience in the hair industry. With many years in hair design, he knows the request of his customer and provides service with the most satisfaction. Men's perm, balayage, ombre, and highlights are his strength. He continues to bring shine to the hair with his professional techniques.

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